1. ShelLuser

    Setting up a (Debian) Linux jail on FreeBSD

    Hi gang! Prerequisites: I am assuming that you know how to install software on FreeBSD and also have some basic understanding about FreeBSD jails. Editorial I'm going to be very honest here: I started disliking Linux for a while, and I've worked with it for a long time. For various reasons...
  2. A

    steamcmd under FreeBSD 11 with linux_base-c7

    Hi, I have reinstalled FreeBSD to 11.1 and installed again steamcmd and linux_base-c7. Also I have installed all ports from /usr/ports/devel/linux... Everytime I am trying to run ./ I get a message: Redirecting stderr to '/root/Steam/logs/stderr.txt' Looks like steam didn't...