link failure

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    Can't detect wireless adapter BCM43225 despite if_bwn and bwn_v4_ucode loaded

    Hello. I'm trying to get wifi working on my laptop Samsung 700Z3A with a broadcom wifi adapter. sysctl net.wlan.devices finds no adapters (and ifconfig doesn't find it either). So that's where my adventure starts. Here's a list of what's given: if_bwn is loaded laptop's model is samsung...
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    Shell Script for rebooting if network down for a certain amount of time?

    Today in the morning I have discovered that my server running 13.0-RELEASE-p6 wasn't reachable anymore, which left me no other choice then to perform a hardware reset, after which everything was working again. It started during the night with re0 losing connection and toggling link state between...
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    Rapid Spanning Tree Emulation versus Actual Network

    I'm comparing network emulation in FreeBSD against performance of an actual in-service network. The network uses rapid spanning tree protocol to reconfigure if a link fails. Testing with the actual network shows around 20 milliseconds of down time before the route is adjusted after link...