1. jdb

    C Best HTML parsing library for C++

    Hey guys :) I am searching for a HTML parsing library for C++ with xPath support. Thanks in advance :D
  2. Farhan Khan

    Standard INI parser

    Hi all, Is there a standard INI parser library commonly used in the BSD community, ideally one built into FreeBSD? I need to parse several INI files and would prefer not to import a 3rd party library into this application. This is a C application. Thanks
  3. lvivtotoro

    Other Which GUI library should I use?

    I am a JavaFX developer but am slowly (trying to) switch to something in C++ that supports FreeBSD. I considered Qt, but it's license is a bit unappealing to me. What other libraries are there?
  4. W

    Fixing php70-imap compiling error

    Hey Guys, Since last time (almost one year ago) I got problem updating mail/php70-imap, I have choosed keep this package outdate... Today with sometime to research an fix, finally I found how to fix it. The package look for libraries not avaliable in base system, so if we do an soft link we...
  5. fnoyanisi

    Solved Wifi API

    Hi there, I am looking for a C API that would let me interact with my wireless NIC (such as listing available SSIDs etc...)? Well, a bit of googling revealed there is no API high level APIs in FreeBSD. I had a quick look at some of the code in /usr/src/sys/net80211, but I really would...