1. Charlie Root

    issue after upgrade freebsd to 13.3-release

    Hello, i am facing issue with freebsd-update upgrade from 13.1-release to 13.3-release. After reboot, i got following issue: # freebsd-update fetch src component not installed, skipped /sbin/sha256: Undefined symbol "_libmd_SHA512_224_End" Looking up mirrors...
  2. hakova

    Solved htpasswd utility needed to encrypt password with bcrypt

    Hi all, I have been using radicale CardDAV/CalDAV server on FreeBSD for several years. I wanted to add one more user account, which requires encrypting his password by htpasswd utility using bcrypt encryption, since all other users' passwords are encrypted with this method and work as intended...
  3. W

    Fixing php70-imap compiling error

    Hey Guys, Since last time (almost one year ago) I got problem updating mail/php70-imap, I have choosed keep this package outdate... Today with sometime to research an fix, finally I found how to fix it. The package look for libraries not avaliable in base system, so if we do an soft link we...
  4. V

    Solved cmake-3.7.1 install fails - Shared object "" not found

    I'm trying to update devel/cmake on FreeBSD 10.3-RELEASE-p7 and am running into a problem at the "install" phase. The build phase appears to complete successfully, but the process aborts with the following output: [100%] Built target documentation ===> Staging for cmake-3.7.1 ===>...