1. T

    Solved llvm40 package invalid after being built with poudriere

    Hi, I am experiencing a strange problem. For a while now I have been using poudriere to build my packages. I am running FreeBSD 11 Stable on amd64 and the poudriere jail is on the same revision as the host system. Poudriere, packaging upgrading, etc. works for the most part. But a problem...
  2. geek

    Recent vulnerabilities (libarchive, freebsd-update, etc.)

    Hello. I think the community has been undesirably quiet and secretive about the recent known vulnerabilities, such as these: Are there still other known vulnerabilities currently? I'm considering installing FreeBSD...
  3. Maelstorm

    libarchive security vulnerabiity, FreeBSD affected?

    According to this article dated June 22 2016, So is FreeBSD affected by this? I ask because the article says that the library originated on FreeBSD and was ported to...