1. A

    Apollo Lake SoC GPIO Driver

    Hello, I'm trying to control some LEDs in my PCB board which uses an Apollo Lake SoC, and is running FreeBSD 12.3 Release. So far the FreeBSD is running fine, and I'm happy with it. My next step is to manage or control some LEDs on the board where I have their address (Export Value) or GPIO...
  2. H

    Lights on motherboard turned off (including NIC)

    I build packages from ports. I use synth upgrade-system for that. The system itself is updated via cronjob `@daily root freebsd-update cron`. Sometimes I reboot / shutdown my PC. Recently I've noticed that no led indicators on the back pane of motherboard are...
  3. aragats

    ThinkPad LEDs

    Is it possible to control ThinkPad LEDs? I'm using FreeBSD 11.0-CURRENT on ThinkPad T430. The driver acpi_ibm is supposed to provide such functionality. Under /dev/led I have: ahci0.0.fault ahci0.0.locate ahci0.1.fault ahci0.1.locate ahci0.4.fault ahci0.4.locate em0 thinklight I have no idea...