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    Solved ZFS space leak. 3.4T disappeared.

    Hi. OS 13.1, Raidz1 on 4 disks for video surveillance data. ~8tb of mp4 files. No snapshots. Recently i'v rewrited all of this data with something like this: ffmpeg -i old.file.mp4 new.file.mp4 mv new.file.mp4 old.file.mp4 After that ~2T of space on this pool disappeared. How i can fix this...
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    Mbuf leak detection tool

    Hi All, Do you know of a tool to detect mbuf leaks which one could leverage in identifying mbuf leaks (with possible stack traces of allocs and frees) ? I understand we might be able to use the vmstat -z for possible statistics of the various mbuf zones, but it helps only to certain point.
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    ZFS Wired memory keeps growing

    Hi, I'm posting this in storage because the problem described did not happen prior to using ZFS. I have several FreeBSD 9.3-RELEASE systems, kept up to date using freebsd-update and pkg-update. They are running on SuperMicro hardware and AMD processors (6 to 12 core CPUs) and have 16-32GB...