1. nguyenthanhvuh

    biber (2.17) and biblatex (3.16) incompatibility

    Hi, I am using 13.1-RELEASE-p2 and have incompatibility problem running biber. Below is the error $ pdflatex myfile.text ... $ biber myfile INFO - This is Biber 2.17 INFO - Logfile is 'cv.blg' INFO - Reading 'cv.bcf' ERROR - Error: Found biblatex control file version 3.7, expected version...
  2. J

    How to install texlive packages?

    I have an installation of print/texlive-full. However, that is missing the siunitx package I would like to use. What is the best way to add this package?
  3. D

    LateX with pdflatex?

    Hello, I need a working LaTex suite. For this I installed texlive-base and texlive-texfm However: zsh: command not found: pdflatex How do I get this command working?
  4. aaronbaugher

    Best Ports for TeX/LaTeX Work

    I need to be able to export files from Emacs's org-mode to TeX (which works), and then process those into other formats like PDF. I've tried various things, and it seems like something's always missing. First I was missing 'tex', so I installed print/tex-basic-engines. Then it complained of...
  5. lbartoletti

    Doxygen and LaTeX

    Hello, I use LaTeX everyday and unfortunately Doxygen calls teTeX port. There will be an option to use texlive instead of latex without modifying the port manually? Thank you.
  6. A

    How do FreeBSD users LaTeX?

    I'm considering leaving Arch Linux for FreeBSD once 8 comes out, but I need a good LaTeX setup. How do the other TeX-ies around here do it? I really shy away from many GUI solutions like Kile or Texmaker. The CLI is where it's at. However, if there's some super awesome GUI solution, I'll check...