1. arader

    Am I crazy? (Bridging + VLANS + LAGG)

    Hi all, I run a freeBSD router at home and I love it, I'm always finding new ways to expand my understanding of networking. I recently bought a 4x SFP+ 10GB Chelsio card to play with, and I'm coming up with ways to use it. I already have 4x GBE ports lagg'd together in lagg0. I then apply a...
  2. dch

    Solved NATted outbound jail traffic sometimes uses backup CARP IP on LACP/LAGG interface

    Outgoing traffic from a jail via PF NAT over a LAGG/LACP sometimes has the backup CARP IP address assigned to it. As this IP is only active on the "other" server, the return TCP connection traffic never actually gets back to our CARP master, and the other server sees spurious TCP...
  3. J

    Solved Partial connectivity issues from bhyve guests to jails and host*

    Please help, I have been trying to figure this out for a couple of weeks now. I need a new set of eyes on this problem. Attached is a diagram to better illustrate the configuration. To sum up the issue: Can ping any host to any host Can fully communicate from/to other physical hosts to the...