1. S

    Lagg0 doesn't work properly after upgrade from FreeBSD 13.2 to 14.0

    Hi Community, I need your help solving this issue. I had lagg0 and other interfaces assigned in /etc/rc.conf as follows: ifconfig_em0="ether 8c:70:5a:XX:XX:XX" ##MAC address of the wlan0 ifconfig_em0="up" wlans_iwn0="wlan0" create_args_wlan0="regdomain FCC country XX" ifconfig_wlan0="up WPA"...
  2. BaronBS

    jails Wifi socks Hurd!

    So, I know that network doesn't work with bhyve and wifi, I'm using a lagg (wlan0 + em0) setup. But does anyone here was able to make jails+vnet work with wifi(in a lagg setup)?
  3. LordInateur

    Network Issues w/ LAGG + VMs

    Hello, all! I have an interesting setup that I'm hoping to get a little bit of help with. Before I start: please yell at me if some of my formatting is wonky-- I'm used to markdown, but not so much the styling that the FreeBSD Forums asks for, so if I've done something that needs to be...
  4. S

    Solved vnet jail vlan setup, on lagg interface

    Hi all, I'm trying to setup a separate subnet for my jails, and I think I have everything setup correctly, but am unsure. Here is the Switch: trunk 45-48 Trk2 LACP vlan 23 name "Jails" tagged 23,Trk1-Trk2 no ip address exit Trunk 1 is the firewall, Trunk 2 is the server. I know my...
  5. S

    Solved Network cuts in and out. Looking for next steps.

    I'm pretty stumped. I had followed the handbook to setup a lagg interface on my Freebsd 12.1 server a few months ago and everything had been working as it should until a couple of days ago. This is how it is and has been setup for about 4 months: em0...
  6. StreamThreader

    lagg with lacp from two tap

    Hi It is possibe to run lagg0 interface with lacp protocol from two tap0-tap1 interfaces? tap interfaces used by OpenVpn. I trying, but laggport flag not changed to active. In failover proto work fine! All offload options i removed from physical bge0 and bge1 interfaces by ifconfig -tso -tso4...
  7. dave

    LAGG Member Interface Going UP At Shutdown Prevents Reboot?

    I recently implemented LACP on a physical machine. Now it seems that every time I issue a reboot, the machine goes down, syncs normally, reports uptime, and then the re0 interface goes down, then up and then the machine seems to hang and never reboot without a reset. I have waited it out for...
  8. T

    Wireless Network Card (not) showing

    I want to setup a failover on this notebook so that it prefers ethernet when a cable is inserted and falls back to wireless when absent ethernet using lagg. However, I can't find my wireless network card, which makes it difficult. As you can see from ifconfig, the ethernet card msk0 is up, and...
  9. Rastko

    lagg0 denies router config

    Hi, I have set up the lagg0 failover virtual link that aggregates ethernet and radio adapters on my laptop. Everything works fine, except I cannot access my router configuration page. I've changed the firewall script to use interface "lagg0" in the rules, but I didn't change much, and the...