1. E

    Solved LACP with FreeBSD - Problem

    Hello everybody, We have installed FreeBSD 10.3 on a new server which shall be used as backup and file storage node. All set up was successful, however a problem appeared as we tried to activate LACP on the server. We wanted to combine the throughput of two 10G links. Our switch is a Netgear...
  2. h0m3

    Solved Problem with S3 Unichrome and Xorg

    Hello my friends, I'm new to FreeBSD (came from a Linux background), I bought a "new" testing computer, pretty simple and old: A AMD Atlhon XP-M 2800+ with 1GB DDR400 and a OnBoard S3 Unichrome (K8M800/K8N800/K8N800A) of 64MB of shared video memory. My problem is constant lags on Xorg. Using...