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    Another KVM Switch Problem

    I'm a long time Linux user but, very new to BSD. I'd tried it in a VM and got most of what I needed working but, when I tried to install it on actual hardware, there's a problem. The display works fine but, the keyboard and mouse won't work through my KVM switch. I should note that on this...
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    GeForce GT1030 sleeps after a while and doesn't awake with KVM-switch

    Hi, I have this nvidia card and the card is running so far. The HDMI output of this card goes to a KVM HDMI Switch from Delock. So far so good. Is working at boot but sleeps after a while and can't awake again the HDMI Output. The Keyboard is working. How I can force the graphic card to give...
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    No display output with KVM switch

    [Preface: this is the first bare-metal FreeBSD installation I've done in Quite Some Time (since FreeBSD 4, if memory serves), things have changed a lot since then, and I've not kept up in the intervening decades.] I've got my FreeBSD-11 box hooked up to a KVM switch via DisplayPort (I have...
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    Mouse does not work through a KVM switch

    Hello. I have a problem with usb KVM switch (D-Link DKVM-4U). The keyboard works fine but the mouse refuses to work. If connect the mouse directly, and then connect via KVM then it will work until reboot. How to fix it? Thanks in advance.