korn shell

  1. gotnull

    Solved Which port for kornshell?

    Hello, What would be the port you would recommend to someone who wants to try Kornshell? I thought it would be wise to ask directly to those who have already installed some of the ports in the repository since there are many of them: ast-ksh-20141224_1................KornShell 93...
  2. sidetone

    Shell Share your .shrc, .kshrc or .mkshrc file segments: Bourne or Korn shell

    Share your .shrc and/or .kshrc configuration file(s) or samples. .profile can also be used to set common configurations of Bourne and Korn shells. Samples from this file intended for Bourne and Korn can be shared too. There's not as many posts about use of Bourne shells and variant Korn shells...
  3. sidetone

    Colorize your BSD shell

    Colorize your Csh or Bourne shell. Bourne shells include sh, ksh variants (Korn shells), and zsh. csh is a different kind of shell which uses a different syntax for commands. Environment Environment values can be added to your shell configuration file(s). These variables for Bourne shells can...
  4. D

    no sh shell (POSIX bourne shell /bin/sh)

    I have installed oksh and I made it my default shell but when I run /bin/sh I expect shell to be POSIX bourne shell aka sh but oksh is started. It seems like oksh replaced /bin/sh (it is not a symlink, its a binary) in my system (by pkg or by my mistake) - how to repair this? Or sh always points...

    Solved ksh vs sh - built in commands ?

    Hello guys, please look at the following date commands. It looks like KornShell uses its own application. Built in? And why? Any idea? It appeared after this shell has been updated to ksh93-20141224 from 2012... . user@serv:~ % ksh -c "date -r" date: -r: unknown option Usage: date...
  6. therue

    Shell Learning materials for Shell, Shell Scripting

    Interested in: ksh (korn shell) as the interactive shell sh for scripting What are some good books or websites I should use for 1) learning how to use the korn shell, 2) shell scripting in sh (there seems to be plethora of books on bash, but are there any good books specifically on sh?)