1. C

    Setting up a bhyve vm for kernel development and debugging

    I recently set up a bhyve vm on my workstation for kernel development and figured others might be able to make use of my notes as well, because it's really quite easy. VM setup Download a FreeBSD disk image, i.e. 13.2-RELEASE if you're running 13.2. This version should match whatever kernel...
  2. nicogoldman22

    Kernel panics when given a high workload

    Hello! Good Monday to all the FreeBSD community. I am working on the FreeBSD kernel for my university thesis. The idea is to make changes to the FreeBSD short-time scheduler so that all its operations are based on the concept of Petri Nets. We already have the modeling of said scheduler and the...
  3. Farhan Khan

    kgdb kernel module says no symbols found

    Hi all, I am working on a kernel module but am getting some unexpected code execution. Dtrace probes reveal that the kernel executes: "rtwn.ko`r88ee_init_bb+0x219" and then jumps somewhere that I did not expect. I would like to track down exactly which line that is. I compiled the module with...
  4. P

    upgrading kgdb

    As of now I have installed the latest version of gdb via the package manager (7.9.1). The binary gets installed as /usr/local/bin/gdb which is apparently a symlink to /usr/local/bin/gdb791. The version which comes with the system is at /usr/bin/gdb which is an older version (v6.1.1). I have...
  5. P

    Hacking/Debugging nullfs - KGDB cannot access memory at address

    I am trying to hack/understand the nullfs kernel module so to that end, I do the following: On the target machine: kldstat gives: Id Refs Address Size Name 1 10 0xffffffff80200000 17e10c8 kernel 2 1 0xffffffff819e2000 4cf0 vmxnet.ko 3 1 0xffffffff819e7000 16e0...