kernel parameters

  1. JMOR

    Solved Where are located the opt_*.h files?

    Hello, I am looking at building my custom kernel. In order to set the proper options in MYKERNEL configuration file, for example the CPU type parameter: 'cpu'. The manual page config says to look in the file sys/conf/options.amd64 (I have a AMD Ryzen 9 5900X) for the possible options for CPU...
  2. I

    IRQPOLL Like Configuration for WLAN Card

    Two years ago i bought a WLAN card model Bcm94352z with the BCM4352 Broadcom chipset to use it on macOS (Hackintosh). It turns out that the card worked properly on macOS but didnt work on Ubuntu nor on any Linux distro. 2 years later i managed to get it work on Linux by adding the "irqpoll" or...