kernel mismatch

  1. hishnik

    Solved Strange behavior during source upgrade (always boots into previous kernel version).

    Hello. I got a strange problem while upgrading my FreeBSD. How it looks: # cd /usr/src && git branch * releng/14.0 # make buildkernel && make installkernel # freebsd-version -kru 14.0-RELEASE-p6 13.3-STABLE 13.3-STABLE , and after reboot: # shutdown -r now , I can see the same output of this...
  2. StreetDancer

    Solved FreeBSD 13.0-RELEASE-p11 & Ezjail Kernel Mismatch (Same p11 now)

    Hey everyone! Not trying to clutter the forum up or making duplicates. I since have rebooted my host server and when I read this thread...