kernel config

  1. G

    How far can we reduce the FreeBSD kernel?

    How far can we reduce the FreeBSD kernel, to the point of only using busybox, the boot system to start the system, to make it very small? (Sorry for possible spelling mistakes, I'm from Brazil and I have a huge appreciation for FreeBSD)
  2. nxjoseph

    Solved Disabling crypto and aesni support in kernel cause make to fail

    Hi. I made a custom kernel by copying GENERIC to a new file called MYKERNEL and I built kernel with KERNCONF=MYKERNEL. My problem is when i commented out those two lines below, make buildkernel command fails with errors. If I don't comment out these lines, make doesn't fail. I would want to know...
  3. Wravoc

    My FreeBSD hardening script

    Hello all, my first post! Been using FreeBSD for a week or two now and I wanted to secure the simple things right away as is my nature. I wrote a Python script that can set and re-set: rc.conf sysctl.conf loader.conf login.conf Along with a set of mitigations that I've gathered over the...
  4. BaronBS

    Solved Poudriere and custom kernels

    Guys, good evening folks. My setup is: I build world and kernel (Generic) on my host and I use poudriere to build all ports that I use (around 1200). I want to play with the Kernel configuration and build a custom kernel for my T430. For now I don't want to put any port module inside the...
  5. H

    ISP Driver in 13.1

    How can I tell is the isp driver have been compiled with the currently installed version od BDS (13.1)?
  6. mmarc

    FreeBSD SPI: how to make kernel and rootfs for flashing?

    Hello, I have a ready-to-use U-boot, and now I want to replicate the Linux steps of cooking kernel and rootfs images for aarch64 FreeBSD. My goal is to flash them to a 16-Mbyte SPI Flash chip. 1) Firstly, would a generic aarch64 FreeBSD release be capable of booting from SPI? 2) Kernel image...
  7. J

    Solved kernel config and (required)

    In some places of the kernel config (I'm referring to the amd64 GENERIC one for this topic) I see stuff like this: # Parallel port device ppc device ppbus # Parallel port bus (required) device lpt # Printer device ppi # Parallel port...
  8. J

    Solved Kernel config - include & remove options

    The last part of section 8.4 of the handbook talks about using an include statement to modify only some options: include GENERIC ident MYKERNEL options IPFIREWALL options DUMMYNET options IPFIREWALL_DEFAULT_TO_ACCEPT options IPDIVERT While this might seem like...