1. sidetone

    Solved Tasklist menu in JWM

    How do I add options like "Move" to the Tasklist menu in JWM? The more recent versions of JWM group window tasks together in the tray bar. When I right click it, it shows: Send to, Restore, Minimize and Close. I want to move the windows to one monitor, by clicking on the task bar, such as when...
  2. T

    Other JWM

    Hello community! Does anyone have any idea how to configure this lightweight window manager? There is not much documentation of this beautiful lightweight window manager on the internet and the little there is on its home page are just clues.
  3. bookwormep

    Other JWM warning "jwm-blue" tray icon

    Noticed a brief warning at closing session time - at every closing. And although it is just a warning that is just annoying, I wonder if there is more I should do to remedy this situation. Comments and criticisms are welcome.
  4. macondo

    Other Cannot launch JWM

    Never had this problem before. IceWM and Ratpoison are being launched without problems. I have checked my /home/username/.xinitrc to no avail. When I launch it from startx, it gives me a black screen no taskbar as before.
  5. R

    jwm clean exit

    FreeBSD 11.1 p1 installed as a desktop system using jwm as the window manager. Each time I exit X (jwm -exit) it was leaving a openoffice coredump. I believe its because I have openoffice launched as a quickstart program (in tray). I have changed the exit procedure to call a script to tidy up...
  6. macondo

    HOWTO: JWM Configuration

    HOWTO: JWM Basic Configuration This is a very light, extremely fast window manager, one of my favorites. Uses 3 MB RAM. First thing I do is copy the global config file /usr/local/etc/system.jwmrc to my /home. You are NOT allowed to edit the global file. $ cp /usr/local/etc/system.jwmrc...
  7. fredvs

    New release of JWM (Joe Window Manager)

    Hello. There are important new features in JWM (https://github.com/joewing/jwm). I have try to compile the source with automake and autoconfigure, like explained in README.md, but sadly, it seems to work only for Linux. How must I do to re-compile JMW for FreeBSD ? Or better (and easier), is...
  8. macondo

    Cannot launch JWM

    Using FreeBSD 8.3, I pkg_add jwm, put it in my .xinitrc but cannot enter the X system, it kicks me back to the console with the following error: 'Shared object "libfribidi.so.3" not found, required by "jwm".'
  9. Minbari

    JWM entry to GDM fail to start

    I try to add JWM to gdm, so I do the follow steps: - I've create a JWM.desktop file in /usr/local/etc/dm/Session which contain: [Desktop Entry] Name=JWM Exec=/usr/local/etc/gdm/Sessions/JWM and in /usr/local/etc/gdm/Sessions I created a script which contain: #!/bin/sh startjwm So my...
  10. R

    jwm segfaults via firefox

    I got certainly segfaults during closing or launching Firefox in jwm session. I have rebuild firefox and jwm many times, with different gcc options but same. Segmentation fault: 11 at address 0x805326900 Fatal server error: Caught signal 11 (Segmentation fault: 11). Server aborting ---...
  11. X


    I use jwm (joe's window manager) on two freeBSD computers. Can't do the obligatory screen shot cause it's a blank screen with just a mouse cursor. No wallpaper or icons, nothing. Originally, it did have a tray, but I x'ed that out, didn't need it. It had ability to show multiple screens, but I...