1. J

    ZFS Recommendation for 100TB raid-z pool

    I need to provide a network drive for an SME with 100 TB usable capacity. I would like to use a ZFS raid-z3 pool consisting of 14x 12TB SAS or SATA drives (this will be a rare-write/many-reads situation). I have been looking at chassis like the SuperMicro SC846BE1C-R1K03JBOD. Given that I'll...
  2. zeRusski

    Solved Hot swap drive behind hardware RAID 0 (JBOD)

    Hi. Could someone please teach me how to hot swap a drive inside a hot-swap enclosure. Specifically, Dell PowerEdge R720, H710 card hardware raid but all drives running JBOD style, so each is its own RAID-0. Note that this isn't a case of replacing a failed drive, rather I wrote data I needed...