1. Voltaire

    Why are there no open source browsers using Webkit as the core engine?

    Something I've always noticed is that Safari is really fast in JavaScript. According to reliable data, the browsers using WebKit as the main engine are faster in JavaScript than the browsers based on Blink and Gecko. Chromium is currently only 5.9% faster in Speedometer 2.0 than Firefox. Both...
  2. timotheosh

    Other ReactJS project no autorefresh on FreeBSD?

    Any other FreeBSD users using ReactJS on FreeBSD? I just started going through some of the introductory tutorials, and noticed that when I start the ReactJS project with the dev server, it does not actually autorefresh after saving changes to the project. This works under Linux, so I am quite...
  3. B

    Clipboard and Jails

    I think I know the answer to this, but want to confirm... I'm setting up the Falkon browser in my jails, and one of the options is to allow Javascript access to the clipboard. I'm guessing that it only has access to the clipboard internal to the jail, but I really want to confirm that. The...
  4. zerophase

    I'm just a bit curious about website security.

    I'm asking this here since it's my understanding that the FreeBSD community knows some of the most about security. Me and a friend have been having a discussion if we should keep the code handling passwords and user account management (updating passwords, etc) on the server side vs letting...