jails wrapper

  1. srey

    Routing Bastille Jails with loopback (bastille0) strategy to Tailscale Network

    Hi ! I'm a Ubuntu user from long time, but i choose freebsd for my homelab, because stability, security, learning, but also jumping into new rabbit hole during summer ... :) I resume my objectives into one big schema with (false) ip to represent routing. In two words i have : - one machine...
  2. B

    quBSD - A New Jails and bhyve Wrapper That Emulates Qubes

    It's been quite a few months in the making, but I believe I have something good enough to share with the community. It's written in shell, based on zfs, and uses the underlying FreeBSD tools. Here's a summary of features: All workloads are run inside of jails GUI jails! Comes with a...