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    jails Start jail dependent on another jail, how to ...?

    Sorry, may be I just do not know the propper kewords*. I want to make sure that a special jail is starting after another jail, it depents on. What to do in jail.conf (FreeBSD 14) or elsewhere? Thanks * I'm not a native speaker
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    Solved Running jails from /etc/jail.conf.d?

    Hi all, On a clean install of 13.1-RELEASE, I have noticed that there is now a "/etc/jail.conf.d" folder. As this would make automated jail management easier for me, I would like to make use of it. I made a simple test configuration in /etc/jail.conf.d/test.conf, and tried starting the jail...
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    Solved Running jails from /etc/jail.conf.d?

    I am not sure what I am missing but when I place my jail configurations into /etc/jail.conf.d the rc.d script for jails says it cannot find anything. Is there something special I need to do to use that directory over a monolithic jail configuration file?