1. F

    jails Start jail dependent on another jail, how to ...?

    Sorry, may be I just do not know the propper kewords*. I want to make sure that a special jail is starting after another jail, it depents on. What to do in jail.conf (FreeBSD 14) or elsewhere? Thanks * I'm not a native speaker
  2. B

    jails Jail's fstab Inside Encrypted ZFS Dataset. Jail Fails to Launch

    Each jail's specific data lives inside its own dataset: zusr/$name. This includes the fstab, which (if the dataset is encrypted/unmounted), won't be available until zfs mount -l zusr/$name. Naturally, I thought that I could put some logic in exec.prepare, which performs this command before the...
  3. Wravoc

    My FreeBSD hardening script

    Hello all, my first post! Been using FreeBSD for a week or two now and I wanted to secure the simple things right away as is my nature. I wrote a Python script that can set and re-set: rc.conf sysctl.conf loader.conf login.conf Along with a set of mitigations that I've gathered over the...
  4. I

    Solved Running jails from /etc/jail.conf.d?

    I am not sure what I am missing but when I place my jail configurations into /etc/jail.conf.d the rc.d script for jails says it cannot find anything. Is there something special I need to do to use that directory over a monolithic jail configuration file?
  5. algi

    Solved VNET jail with jib unable to reach network

    Hi! I'm sure someone must have asked this question milion times, but I can't find an answer and I spent already couple of hours on this. I have FreeBSD 13.0 instance on Vultr, where I would like to create jail. The problem is that I cannot reach the network from jail and I cannot even ping...
  6. sidetone

    jails devfs.rules problem including other rulesets: bastille

    When I use a bastille, jail rules that include rules 1 to 3 from /etc/defaults/devfs.rules work. Rules 1 to 3, referenced in the beginning of rule 4: [devfsrules_jail=4] add include $devfsrules_hide_all add include $devfsrules_unhide_basic add include $devfsrules_unhide_login When I reference...
  7. P

    jails Execute exec.release even when Jail is dying/failed to start (Old title: Cleaning Jails If Dying)

    Dear all, Setting up jail.conf, I've setup some exec.prestart & exec.release scripts for the jail service to run before starting up jail. I'll take one example where I create epair for the jail's interface in exec.prestart & destroy them in exec.release. My problem is that if, for any reason...
  8. I

    jails Strange behavior with "devfs_ruleset"

    I've noticed a strange problem with setting"devfs_ruleset" in jail.conf. In jail.conf: testjail { host.hostname = testjail; devfs_ruleset = 27; #note: with no other configuration for this jail } Note: ruleset 27 does NOT exist - I've checked in /etc/defaults/devfs.rules and...
  9. sidetone

    Solved jails - Accessing devices from Bastille

    How do I make devices in /dev/ accessible inside a Bastille jail? When I have two sets of rules, how do I set this in rc.conf.local, from within the host system? devfs_system_ruleset="localrules" How would bastille also get referenced with this? In devfs.rules of the host (not within the...
  10. bagas

    jail network interface lo

    Hello. Please tell me. I have several jails, in jails you need to raise the lo0 interface. How should I do it? My system FreeBSD 11.3.
  11. dns.company

    /etc/jails.conf useless after 12.0 > 12.1

    Past week I've upgraded 25 servers from 12.0 to 12.1, all fine. Today I did another 6, but now suddenly /etc/rc.d/jail onestart doesn't work for me, since /etc/jail.conf is not being read anymore, as in /etc/rc.conf the default: jail_config="/etc/jail.conf" was removed. I remember seeing that...
  12. B

    Potential bug with using numeric Jail names in /etc/jail.conf

    Hi All, I didn't know where to post this because I could not find a specific jail forum so figured I would post it here as a base system general thread :) Am no expert so really after some opinions from experienced users and anyone who has seen this happen. It would be great to know if this is...