jail networking

  1. P

    jails Interface does not return to host after kill jail

    Hello darlings! Basically, i did created a JAIL, with this configuration: main { host.hostname = "main"; exec.clean; exec.start = "/bin/sh /etc/rc"; exec.stop = "/bin/sh /etc/rc.shutdown"; exec.prestart += "kldload -n ipfw_nat"; exec.prestart += "kldload -n ipsec"...
  2. P

    jails Conflict on TUN interfaces between different jails

    I have two separate jails that are not visible to each other. There is no sharing of tun* interfaces in the devfs.rules. However, when I create the tun0 interface in Jail 1, I encounter difficulties creating the same interface, tun0, in Jail 2. Upon attempting, I receive a message indicating...
  3. eimbsd

    jails Jail to jail communication with two nodes

    Hello, I'm in the process of migrating a bigger hosting site from Ubuntu to FreeBSD and the hoster where I need to migrate all this runs OpenStack. From there I get two FreeBSD VMs, bsd-01 and bsd-02, I'm running bastille on both nodes in order to setup jailed environments. I create compute-01...
  4. kr0m

    Solved Cant start iocage jail with IPv6 disabled kernel

    I am trying to compile a minimal kernel for my old server, I don't use IPv6 so I decided to remove from kernel image, all seems to work correctly except iocage. I have confirmed that INET6 is not present in my custom kernel: sysctl kern.conftxt|grep INET options INET And I have configured...
  5. D

    Solved Jailed ping(8) can not resolve names using hosts unbound(8), but host(1) and drill(1) can

    EFFECT drill resolves r0.z201 correctly to host resolves r0.z201 correctly to ping works when given argument ping doesn't work when given argument r0.z201. (fails to resolve) OBSERVATIONS When using truss I can see that ping does...
  6. A

    jails Network management for bastille jails

    Hello, does already exist a tool which setups networks and hostname lookups for jails so that services in jails can find and communicate to each other in a safe but also dynamic way on multiple hosts? More or less like it is done by Docker Swarm or K8. Thanks
  7. HL1234

    Get my NAT IPFW firewall for jail not to work from outside

    Hello, in short: A Jail is installed. Can start and stop and connect to it. Inside its running an Apache web server. Some simple Website exists. Starting the jail and make a test like this works: printf "HEAD / HTTP/1.1\r\nHost: <www.example.com>t\r\n\r\n" also telnet <www.example.com> 80...
  8. D

    Network interface alias used by jail disappears until server restart

    I have a network interface alias which I declared in /etc/rc.conf, as follows: ifconfig_alc0="DHCP" ifconfig_alc0_alias0="inet" ifconfig_alc0_alias1="inet" ifconfig_alc0_alias2="inet" The jail is configured to use (and two other jails...
  9. HL1234

    jails General question for using a jail

    I'm new to jails, but like to try them. I read different solutions, but can not find a answer for my questions. Maybe jails not working for me, because of my configuration settings. One of the question is: I run a internet server and got only one real Internet-IP from the provider. I use the...
  10. A

    Solved FreeBSD 13.0-Release Jail slow networking

    Hi, i use several Jails. When I upgraded the host from 12.2 to 13.0 (the Jails where upgraded, too) I realised that networking between the host and the Jails was really slow (after the upgrade). So I created a new Jail with 13.0-Release and networking was slow. Pinging the Jail IP from the host...
  11. RazAquato

    Solved jail can only reach the bridge (not internet)

    ok, so I'm about to give up here.. banging my head against the wall the answer is probably obvious, but for a newbie this is... frustrating I've tried to follow a bunch of tutorials but for the life of me, I can't get my jails to reach the internet need some advice This is on a fresh install of...
  12. D

    Solved Creating Separate Virtual Interface For Jail

    Hello, I have set up an jail with ezjail while following this handbook tutorial. After setting it up, my physical interface that host uses has two IPs, one for jail one for host. For some programs listening on all IPs in host's interface this is not ideal. Can I add a virtual interface with its...
  13. V

    PF Route jail data through wireguard

    I have successfully set up a jail following genneko's notes on setting up a jail in FreeBSD. However after installing and enabling Wireguard every single boot time, my jail has no network. I modified genneko's jails into making one jail by the way. Here's how my set up is looking at the moment...
  14. B

    Series of Jails as Gateways/Tunnels ... Question re IP/netmasks

    I'm creating a series of network gateway/tunnels with vnet and jails (FreeBSD 12.1p8). The topology looks something like this: NICjail: Contains the physical NIC (igb0), bridge0, and epair members for connection to other tunnel jails (VPNs, Tor, I2P). VPN1jail: Connects to NICjail via epair...