1. F

    Strange box appears when loading the FreeBSD installer

    I've been trying to figure out this issue for quite some time now but couldn't find anything online relating to it. I'm brand new to BSD but I do have a lot of experience with Linux-based systems. I have no issues booting into and using Linux or Windows 10 on this system. When I attempt to...
  2. J

    ThinkPad T430s weird issues

    Hello, Recently I've switched from Slackware to FreeBSD-13.0 on my T430s. I'm very happy with how does the system run etc. but some things just seem to not work that well: Laptop goes to sleep after opening a lid. To suspend the laptop I have to close and then open the lid, only after then it...
  3. M

    pkg SAT solver issues

    I recently upgraded this machine to 10.2-RELEASE, and did a pkg upgrade. $ pkg info pkg pkg-1.5.6 Name : pkg Version : 1.5.6 Installed on : Sat Sep 19 04:50:32 IST 2015 Origin : ports-mgmt/pkg Architecture : freebsd:10:x86:64 Prefix : /usr/local Categories : ports-mgmt Licenses ...