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  1. byrnejb

    Discover which FreeBSD version from an ISO image

    I have an unlabeled usb stick with a FreeBSD ISO on it. How do I tell what version of FreeBSD is present? The file /etc/os-release is a soft link to/var/run/os-release, which does not exist in the image.
  2. First_Law_of_Unix

    [Solved] How to burn FreeBSD ISO files to usb drives?

    Sadly Balena Etcher not available for FreeBSD making it super easy to burn iso images to USB drives all automatically with few clicks of buttons. However I couldn’t find any information on how to burn FreeBSD iso to a usb external drive from a FreeBSD host. I have tried DD command and iso...
  3. K

    Other Convert ISO file info IMG

    Hello there, I’m trying to install some ISO dvd, but unfortunatly my burned distro(dvd dl) hungs on 69-71% during installation(exactly 2 disks). ISO file is bigger then 4GB, so I did use dvd dl. I’m not sure, maybe what exceeds single layer stucks, I use grwoisofs. I tried twice, image is not...