1. T

    qemu Qemu (kvm) and shared IRQ for dual Network Interfaces

    Edit: link to workaround I have a (to me) strange issue with either the drivers in FreeBSD or my assumptions about PCIe and the PCI hierarchy. Using Qemu, I have the following structure: qemu-system-x86_64 \ -cpu host \ -enable-kvm \ -machine q35,accel=kvm \ -device...
  2. scotia

    Interpreting from top: [intr{irq18: bge0 arcmsr*}]

    Hi all, does the following process name from top: [intr{irq18: bge0 arcmsr*}] mean that bge0 and arcmsr* share irq18? If so, is that bad for a NIC and an HBA to share an IRQ? Or am I thinking of the day when I had to set a jumper on a card before I put it in my PC/XT? Specifically the...
  3. I

    IRQPOLL Like Configuration for WLAN Card

    Two years ago i bought a WLAN card model Bcm94352z with the BCM4352 Broadcom chipset to use it on macOS (Hackintosh). It turns out that the card worked properly on macOS but didnt work on Ubuntu nor on any Linux distro. 2 years later i managed to get it work on Linux by adding the "irqpoll" or...