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    ipnat ipv4 to ipv6

    I want to redirect ipv4 to ipv6 in ipnat rules. rdr em1 port 3128 -> 2a02:26b0:8000:2b:0:0:0:3/0 port 3128 tcp but, I'm getting error message; 21.address family mismatch error at "", line 1
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    IPFW FreeBSD PPPoe Port Forwarding

    SRV1:FreeBSD 10.3,IP:,PPPOe ADSL(ppp),ethernetx1:fxp0 SRV2:FreeBSD 10.3,IP: [Goals] port forwarding: SRV1 [port:8922] ----> SRV2 [port:22] SRV [port:8080] ----> SRV2 [port:80] I am experimenting with port forwarding and I have spent few weeks to resolve this. After Googling...