1. HL1234

    IPFW jail with IPFW connection on private IP not working with /etc/rc.firewall workstation

    Because in between things have changed and I got no answer from the Forum, I like to try a new post. What do I have? -FreeBSD 13.0 -A jail with a running webserver -I'm using the firewall IPFW with NAT settings to connect to the jail from outside the host and from inside to outside. Now this...
  2. J

    IPFW Cannot Get IPFW NAT to work

    I have spent days trying to get what I thought should be a simple set of ipfw nat rules set up. With less than zero success. I have read the documentation and scoured the web, and I assume I am just missing something. Scenario: I have one NIC card with four public IPs. I am running a bunch...