1. Rastko

    Solved Specify multiple interfaces for IPF

    A) How do/can you specify multiple interface in the "on" clause for IPFILTER rules? B) Do IPFILTER rules apply to lagg failover aggregations? C) What is preferred on a laptop workstation? Aggregations or multiple interface? I have a script for generating restrictive IPF ruleset, so I only...
  2. D

    Solved [Solved] Blocked packets in ipfilter after upgrade to 10

    Took me a while to realize as my provider also had problems with upstream speed. Running now FBSD10 FreeBSD 10 on a HP microserver with ipfilter/ipmon enabled. Sending out TCP traffic results in blocked packets being logged with ipmon: ug 19 16:19:51 netdb ipmon[885]: 16:19:51.276031 em0 @0:6 b...