1. S

    IPF Understanding statefull behaviour of ipfilter in combination with ipsec/strongswan

    Hello, i need some help understanging ipfilter and its statefull behaviour. I have created a ipsec tunnel with strongswan which is policy based. On the bsd router re1.7 it has the IP I wan't to reach the device that is connected to the bsd router. Wan is connected...
  2. S

    IPF ipf use dhcp/pppoe interface ip in ruleset

    Hello, i am setting up a bsd router with ipfilter. My external network is on em0 with pppoe and an dynamic ip address via pppoe/dhcp. I already checked the manual but i could not find an predefined variable to get the interface IP in a ipf rule set. With a static wan IP i would create a...
  3. erlonsilva

    IPF IPNAT performs 1:1 mapping?

    Hey, guys! How are you? Well, I've been trying to use FreeBSD as a Gateway to a Local Network, using it as NAT (IPNAT - IPF). After a quick read, I can implement and use it, but I have a question regarding the map, I have been testing it and observing that its action would not be a 1:1 mapping...
  4. decuser

    Other Choosing which firewall to use in 2021 - FreeBSD 13

    OK. I've read man firewall and Chapter 31. Firewall and I'm still a bit uncertain about which firewall to choose. Here's my use case: I have FreeBSD 13 installed on my Lenovo Thinkpad T-430. I alternate between the ethernet connection and wifi. Either way, I only use IPV4. I would like to be...
  5. Rastko

    Solved Specify multiple interfaces for IPF

    A) How do/can you specify multiple interface in the "on" clause for IPFILTER rules? B) Do IPFILTER rules apply to lagg failover aggregations? C) What is preferred on a laptop workstation? Aggregations or multiple interface? I have a script for generating restrictive IPF ruleset, so I only...
  6. D

    Solved [Solved] Blocked packets in ipfilter after upgrade to 10

    Took me a while to realize as my provider also had problems with upstream speed. Running now FBSD10 FreeBSD 10 on a HP microserver with ipfilter/ipmon enabled. Sending out TCP traffic results in blocked packets being logged with ipmon: ug 19 16:19:51 netdb ipmon[885]: 16:19:51.276031 em0 @0:6 b...