ip configuration

  1. michael_hackson

    Solved Can't make IP aliases through /etc/rc.conf

    Hello! I am trying to set up IP aliases and have been following the handbook (11.6 Virtual Hosts) on how to do this. It seems to work if I do it directly in console with # ifconfig wlan0 inet alias, then the console is read: inet netmask 0xffffff00 broadcast...
  2. amiramix

    No routing between jails in different private subnets

    When both jails are in the same subnet everything works as expected, however when one jail is in a different private subnet it doesn't see the jail in the other subnet. I can ping both jails from the host. What could be the reason? Some data. Working jail...
  3. Vinicius Agassi

    Help with Network (URGENT)

    Hi dudes, so no I have a big problem with my dedicated server... It was working perfectly, but then, I run the command /etc/rc.d/netif restart and my server falls... My service provider has no experience with FreeBSD and provided me access to KVM / IP. I need put this in configuration: IP...