1. U

    Other iostat columns explained

    Hey, Can someone explain to me some of the columns related to iostat [ tin - tout - tps - us - ni - sy - in ] in a more clearer way? I looked at the documentation but I couldn't really understand their description especially (tin tout tps). I'm quite new to the subject and I appreciate any help!
  2. M

    Monitoring with iostat

    Hi, I have this output in Linux using iostat: I want to get r_await and w_await in FreeBSD, which definitions are: r_await: The average time (in milliseconds) for read requests issued to the device to be served. This includes the time spent by the requests in queue and the time spent...
  3. t0ken

    I/O streams capped at 128KB/t?

    I'm trying to come up with a solution to an issue I'm seeing on FreeBSD VMs installed as qemu/KVM guests (I'm sure the fact that they're guests have nothing to do with my issue, but I thought I'd mention it anyway). From within a VM, I seem to be hitting a ~128KB/s limit on I/O streams, that...