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    Solved gpart: size '31457274': Invalid argument when trying to resize.

    I am trying to to grow the root partition slice in a 13.1 VHD image with gpart resize -i 4 -s 15G -a 4k ada0 but I get gpart: size '31457274': Invalid argument. I get this same error in single user mode and using livedvd installer. The virtual disk image has been resized to be bigger than 15G...
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    oss audio output error cannot write samples invalid argument fix

    if sound requires restart sysctl.conf dev.hdac.%d.polling=1
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    Multiboot on an External

    Hey all. Sorry that my first post is basically a "somebody throw me a line" post...but here goes! :-) I'm currently running 3 OS's (2x linux distributions, 1x windows os) on my laptop. I also connect a 1TB external HD to it. On this External HD, I want to run FreeBSD and likely a couple linux...