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  1. A

    Intel UHD 770: The x server with drivers does not start

    Not long ago, I built a computer, and I decided to install two systems: Windows and FreeBSD. Windows started up quietly, and when I tried to start X server on FreeBSD, it gave an error that there were no screens. At the same time, the drivers were installed. There is no money to buy another GPU...
  2. mro

    Solved Video decoding on ThinkPad x250 (Intel HD Graphics 5500) CPU ~50%

    is that a normal CPU load for e.g. watching on ungoogled-chromium? vlc uses even 150%, what to diagnose/tweak here? is there specific setup documentation? I found pkg install libva-intel-media-driver - should I activate that? How...
  3. the3ajm

    Solved Firefox Hardware Acceleration on older intel GPU

    Firefox has blacklisted X3100 GPU or older so you won't be able to enable hardware acceleration as it's currently blocked, to get it working requires OpenGL 3.2 and the GPU I'm using is only 2.1 and in order to use intel's own open source acceleration VA-API can only support from X4500. I'm...