1. Sergei_Shablovsky

    On which principles FreeBSD giving the NICs ports identity?

    Hi, all FreeBSD Gurus! Could You be so please to explain: On which principles FreeBSD giving the NICs ports identity? From my knowledge, there are involved (from HIGHT IMPACT to LOW): motherboard schematics, BIOS subsystem, NICs mechanical interface (PCI, PCI-e, etc...), NICs order in...
  2. Harmnot

    Solved Failed Startx after PKG install xorg

    I was install Xorg on x11/xorg to make install clean, but it was take times and more 2 hours , so I cancel it and run pkg install xorg Then trying to rename or remove the xorg.conf as handbook FreeBSD said and then startx The error message Open dev/drive/card0 : no such file or directory...
  3. D

    Install FreeBSD DVD install on El Capitan/dual boot option

    As I am new to this forum, I apologize if this the wrong place to ask for this advise/experience. If inappropriate, please point me to forum that might answer this post. Currently I am running a Macpro with El Capitan version 10.11.5. Due to SIP, making a bootable USB/EFI is very difficult for...
  4. X

    Solved Installing FreeBSD from recovery mode

    Hello! I just signed up here and I hope I am posting my question to the right place. I am trying to install FreeBSD from recovery mode because my provider doesn't provide FreeBSD in their templates (sadly). I followed the instructions from here...