1. PKraszewski

    UFS Mysterious "Out of inodes" in NanoBSD

    Hello, everybody. I have a strange problem with one of my servers. Some facts: Prepared via slightly modified NanoBSD from 11.2-STABLE #0 r342216 Is running on a 8GB pendrive, UEFI boot, 4 GPT partitions, #1 is UEFI #2 is /cfg (r/o) #3 is / (r/o) #4 is /data, (r/w, created via makefs -t ffs...
  2. S

    ZFS Clarification on "filename path" limitation for ZFS snapshot mounts in 11.xR, until ino64 lands

    This question is related to the 63-or-88 char limit on mount paths as it affects ZFS snapshots, this 11.1R part-resolution in r319096, this issue + this. To recap as I understand it, up to 11.0R, file system actions that implicitly needed to mount ZFS snapshots were limited by statfs's fixed...