1. Ome Ko

    Quick and dirty IMAP(-UW) server

    Everybody (even me) is using dovecot nowadays, but for a quick and dirty config-free IMAP installation on my homenetwork with sendmail I still prefer IMAP-UW. Since the source is getting harder to find everyday and may be lost forever in the near future, I linked the 3 (too big to attach) files...
  2. aragats

    missing emails in mutt

    I'm using mail/mutt and mail/isync for many years and have never noticed any issues. However, today I missed an email (which I found via the web interface) and decided to investigate the situation. I run mbsync via cron, it's using IMAP, so all boxes are in sync, I do not use mail/procmail or...
  3. gpw928

    Fetchmail and sendmail for Google Gmail account

    Hi, Has anyone got fetchmail configured to fetch mail from a gmail account (POP3 or IMAP)? If, so I'd really appreciate some advice, and a look at the .fetchmailrc file. Beyond that, teaching sendmail to post to Google's SMTP servers is the next project, so any advice on that subject would...
  4. marcus123

    Solved Roundcube could not connect to localhost:143: Unknown reason

    Hi, after setup roundcube, it can send email from installer page -> "Test SMTP config". But I got this strange error on the installer page -> "Test IMAP config": IMAP connect: NOT OK(Login failed for my-account-name from Could not connect to localhost:143: Unknown reason)...