image creation

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    Solved FreeBSD release for building an OpenBSD

    Hi, I was going through the following man page about building openbsd image using Freebsd13 server.It looks this feature recently started supporting openbsd.. Did any one built openbsd using above utilitity ? I am...
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    create openbsd image using FreeBSD build server

    Hi, I have FreeBSD 12 VM running on my Openstack cloud, I would like to create OpenBSD image from source from same FreeBSD VM using build release. Is it possible to create OpenBSD 6.7 qcow2 image from FreeBSD 12.1 build host? Thanks in Advance, Niks
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    Solved build cloud image using package

    Hi, I want to build a cloud image (qcow2) from pkg so many good tools available which can use for creating a cloud-ready image, I am using kiwi tools to build RedHat and Debian Linux, now looking similar utility to build the image. Thanks, Nk