1. B

    strongswan IPSec, bhyve nat-traffic

    Hi, I was able to set up an IPSec/strongswan VPN tunnel and it works great so far (Forum: 67850). Now, I'd like to forward traffic from my bhyve VM's through the tunnel but I am having problems with it. The picture looks like that: (all done on FreeBSD 11.2p4) (*) normal DSL Router with...
  2. Donald Baud

    IPsec IKEV2 setup works but where is the interface?

    I setup a simple IPsec IKEv2 vpn. it works fine but how do I get detail about the network information? - Where is the interface tun0 or gif0 or whatever is holding the VPN client's IPs - Where is the routing table stored?, I can't see anything different on netstat -rn - I still...