1. Sergei_Shablovsky

    On which principles FreeBSD giving the NICs ports identity?

    Hi, all FreeBSD Gurus! Could You be so please to explain: On which principles FreeBSD giving the NICs ports identity? From my knowledge, there are involved (from HIGHT IMPACT to LOW): motherboard schematics, BIOS subsystem, NICs mechanical interface (PCI, PCI-e, etc...), NICs order in...
  2. ajmcc

    VLAN trunk: bridge on untagged interface breaks tagged traffic

    I've just spent a while on some weird behaviour on a VLAN trunk interface. It was configured with two VLAN subinterfaces, each a member of a bridge, and the untagged interface also a bridge member. tcpdump was showing tagged frames being dropped somewhere in the stack, unicast behaving...
  3. alfa

    Solved How to enable RSS on igb i211 driver

    Hi i am trying to swicth suritaca NETMAP mode on FreeBSD 11.4 Release it requires RSS to work the number of netmap threads created depends on the number of RSS queues available on the NIC. The Intel I211 Ethernet Controller supports 2 Receive Side Scaling (RSS) queues. So how can i enable this...
  4. M

    Gigabit transfer problems with Intel igb

    Hi, I have HPE ProLiant G7 DL165 with: igb0: <Intel(R) PRO/1000 PCI-Express Network Driver> port 0xe400-0xe41f mem 0xfeb60000-0xfeb7ffff,0xfeb40000-0xfeb5ffff,0xfeb98000-0xfeb9bfff irq 44 at device 0.0 on pci2 igb0: Using 4096 TX descriptors and 4096 RX descriptors igb0: Using 8 RX queues 8 TX...
  5. bagas

    FreeBSD 12 sysctl system parameters

    Hello. My system FreeBSD 12 I have a network igb. The parameters are outdated and no longer exist in the system. Where can you read about them?
  6. G

    Solved Intel i-350 series card RX and TX descriptors

    Hello to everyone! This is my first post, so I will appreciate any feedback on the post itself. So first about the environment. I am using a SuperMicro C2758 box, which has SuperMicro AOC-SGP-I4 network card installed (two of them). The card itself is intel i-350 series chipset based. Software...
  7. C

    igb aim not working

    I been having issues on a unit I use for pfsense routing (based on FreeBSD 11.0), and recently discovered it starts random packetloss at just 2000 pps. The network hardware is a mini pci-x intel i350 with 2 ports. It uses the igb driver. I have tried various things but will stick to what the...
  8. korund

    Network interfaces aren't picking up media on boot

    Dear all, I've moved my lovely server to the datacenter and now pulling my hair out while trying to understand why both of /dev/igb interfaces aren't picking up Ethernet connection on boot. Tested with both 10.3-REL and 11.0-REL. When system is booted, running ifconfig | grep status over iKVM...