1. BaronBS

    general/other virt-host-validate don't recognize if_tap module

    I want to tryout virt-manager with bhyve. But it doesn't recognize the if_tap module. {beastie} @ FreeBaSeD-T430 > /home/beastie → kldstat -v | grep if 398 if_lo 402 if_vlan 401 if_tap 400 if_tun 399 if_tuntap 397 if_gif 99...
  2. G

    Solved tap0 device always comes up with same MAC address

    Hello, Got the issue here, I have 2 VMs and I'm trying to connect them with TINC VPN. TINC uses if_dap driver and tap virtual interface. So far so good. However for some reason (may be because both systems are vmware cloned VMs) whenever I create a tap interface on any of the systems it's...
  3. D

    Solved 11.4-RELEASE to 12.2-RELEASE network issue for bhyve VMs

    After upgrading to 12.2-RELEASE networking is not working for my bhyve VMs. In 11.4, I had daemonized the launching of the VMs using daemon -rft in /etc/rc.local. Oddly in 12.2, the VMs come up and are accessible with VNC but not over the network, and I am unable to browse the web or ping...