1. A

    Check base system for obsolete or orphaned files

    After several freebsd-updates I ran today in an issue with /lib/libreadline conflicting with /usr/local/lib/libreadline. The former (/lib/libreadline) seems to be a left over from a previous FreeBSD version. After removing the old one in /lib and running ldconfig the bash shell started to work...
  2. GregTheHun

    Solved PF_RING equivalent on FreeBSD and help

    So, this is just a general question, what I would like to do is use a suite of software to have some insight into traffic going over the network. Ideally the setup would be about here, so spanning the port is necessary: So, the suite of software that I would ideally have are the following...
  3. ShelLuser

    (small) Guide on using mtree

    Hi gang, What is mtree? mtree is a utility included in the base system (/usr/sbin/mtree) and can be used to compare two directory structures thus allowing you to spot any kind of difference. By default it does this by comparing file size (in bytes) and type, last modification time, file owner...