1. A

    How to apply for GPIO interrupt in kernel

    Hi everybody, Recently I transplanted an i2c device to FreeBSD on Raspberry 3b+, and needed to use a GPIO interrupt function. When using the gpio_alloc_intr_resource () function, it always returned NULL. I don’t know what went wrong. And attach DTS configuration : touchscreen@5d {...
  2. Nicola Mingotti

    Is I2C working in BBB ?

    Hi, I am struggling to connect Adafruit MCP9808 to my BeagleBone Black, FreeBSD 12. I thought it would have been a pice of cake to configure it, instead I got stuck. I see the device: #> i2c -s -f /dev/iic1 => 18 # that is correct But I can't comunicate at all with it via i2c command...