1. epopen

    IPv4 /IPv6 preferred of local resolver and modify

    Hi All. I built some jail in my system, and connect each other / from base system. So I added pair of IP address - hostname into /etc/hosts as below ... fd00::ffff: ... Tried by ftp and got result as below. Trying...
  2. M

    Recommended approach to host / domain blocking?

    I'm currently using hblock with Arch Linux on my laptop: and now I'm wondering what the recommended approach for something like this could be when using FreeBSD. What comes to mind: Simply stick to using a hosts file Use a DNS resolver like unbound with a blocklist Use a DNS proxy like...
  3. aragats

    Solved SSH doesn't honor "files dns" anymore?

    I'm using /etc/hosts to resolve several local hosts for ages, but recently discovered that now (FreeBSD 12.0-RELEASE-p3) ssh tries to resolve them via DNS first which causes huge delays. I couldn't find any specific setting for that. Am I missing anything? Thanks for advises!