1. Phishfry

    Downgraded my Atheros Wireless Access Point

    Well I figured an APU3 was a waste as a FreeBSD Wireless Access Point. So I found an old Checkpoint U5 Firewall I had used as a pfSense Wireless Access Point before learning FreeBSD and hostAP. I am pretty surprised how well it does. It gets 3 bars signal whereas my APU3 with Ubiquity SR71E WAP...
  2. unknownuser

    hostapd won't start on AR9280

    Hello folks. I got this APU2C4 last week to use as all in one router, firewall, AP with FreeBSD 11. It has two mini PCIe Compex WLE200NX that uses the Atheros AR9280 chipset. I am going to be posting my configuration, hoping that someone can shed some light on what I am doing wrong. # hostapd...
  3. Grzegorz

    WIFI Access Point on FreeBSD 9 and run driver

    Hello everyone. I'm trying to set up a WIFI Access Point on my FreeBSD 9 machine. First, I using a simple USB card with urtwn, but on FreeBSD 9 there is no driver. Next I take from work a USB Tp-link card with uses zyd driver, no results. So I bought Runlink USB WIFI Adapter, that using run...