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    bhyve After upgrade from 12.4 p9 to 13.2 RELEASE - VM cannot start

    Hi, running Home Assistant in a VM for quite awhile now, but after the upgrade, the VM will not start. The logs show an exit code I cannot find Feb 03 17:42:14: initialising Feb 03 17:42:14: [loader: uefi] Feb 03 17:42:14: [cpu: 4] Feb 03 17:42:14: [memory: 4GB] Feb 03 17:42:14...
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    bhyve Bhyve VM in localnetwork

    Hello, I have a question. I would like to run a virtual machine in bhyve HomeAssistant OS. However, I would like this virtual machine to be on the same subnet as the LAN network (hq0). I used the following solution, but something is not working. The DHCP server is dnsmasq (the DHCP interface is...