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  1. S

    PF [Still Unsolved] Redirect port from VPS to home server without using NAT

    HTTP(S) is just an example, I have many other services that wouldn't be able to communicate the real IP via a proxy, therefore PF solution is a must. I am referring to RDR and NAT as they are understood in the context of pf.conf (i.e. I mean the RDR and NAT statements). Both my VPS and Home...
  2. lifepillar

    Suggestions for low-end home server in 2021

    Hi FreeBSD gurus, for more than a year now I have been experimenting at home with a headless FreeBSD 12 server running in VirtualBox on an iMac 2011 (!). The VM is configured with a mirrored UFS disk and 6 GB RAM. So far, it has served me well (!), resilvering correctly after several improper...