home directory

  1. Myersj281

    ZFS Replace /home with /Users in zfs pool

    So I installed a fresh system using ZFS with my home directory at /Users/joshua (I'm also a MacOS user so it feels familiar lol) and I noticed that /home still exists and is set in zroot. I suppose that's normal because the system probably assumes that other users would have their homes there...
  2. F

    Solved Login Lockout

    I recently just deleted some files from my users home directory and now right after doing that I cannot login with xdm. The files were .ICEauthority, .login, .login_conf, .profile, and .Xauthority. Will anyone confirm that deleting these files was my problem? (I looked at the contents from a...
  3. M

    Is using /home as user home dir a security flaw?

    Does using the /home directory as user home directory create any security soft spot since Xorg and URxvt runs on root privilege?
  4. D

    How to create home directory for existing user?

    Hi, I installed the "zabbix-agent" but pkg created the user "zabbix" without a home directory and to allow zabbix monitoring my MadiaDB I need to add a ".my.cnf" with the MySQL credentials to that users home directory. How can I create a home directory for an existing user? Google is only...