1. Y

    Universal Unix tool AWK gets Unicode support

    Article here. In Unix terms, this news is akin to Moses appearing and announcing an amendment to the 10 commandments...
  2. Sivan!

    Solved bash completion error

    When konsole in kde plasma, freebsd 13-0 release, starts, it starts with this error: bash: /usr/local/share/bash-completion/bash-completion.sh: No such file or directory I search for the file, found it, even tried changing permissions /usr/local/share/bash-completion]$ ls -l total 66...
  3. blind0ne

    Shell shell history disappeared after reboot

    Hi, after reboot I can't access history by typing history Please, help, event don't have ideas who stoled it and why
  4. Spity

    csh command history

    Hi! I am using csh and I notice that I cannot see the command history. That is, I open a terminal, write a command, close it, and when I reopen it, it is clean. No history. How can I have the history there to speed up the writing?
  5. Cath O'Deray

    Solved FreshPorts: linking, referencing: anchors in pages

    To simplify references to sections within pages for ports, we now have anchors within each page. https://www.freshports.org/faq.php#anchors lists the available anchors suggests two browser extensions that can help you to work with anchors. With the page for Firefox as an example...

    Solved Read user history at startup /etc/csh.login

    Hi, I need to run history 25 during user logging. Of course, output depends on the specific user logging. Generally, I've set command alone as I typed but no output at startup. How can I do that? The following command does not work as I need. sudo -u my_login csh -c 'history 25'
  7. goshanecr

    16.08.17 has died Andrey Chernov (ache@freebsd.org)

    Andrey Chernov ache@ was one of first FreeBSD core-team members (1993-2000), and active developer. He also was a creator of Russian codepage KOI8-R and creator of first Internet channel to Russia in far 90s. He die after long time of illnes. parting with him will be 19.08.2017 at Moscow...
  8. fnoyanisi

    Twenty Years of Berkeley Unix

    A bit long, but definitely worth reading... Anybody spending sometime hacking net80211 code would definitely recognize some names that are mentioned in the article http://www.oreilly.com/openbook/opensources/book/kirkmck.html