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    ZFS High CPU on snapshot destroy

    I have a PostgreSQL DB server running 10.3 and anytime I prune snapshots, the CPU spikes and I see database timeouts. Is there a sysctl tunable that effects the priority of snapshot deletion? I was looking at the vfs.zfs.vdev.(sync|async|scrub)_* parameters, but it isn't clear to me whether...

    bhyve 100% CPU usage

    Hello! I have a lot of bhyve guests (FreeBSD 11 and one Windows 10). Very often maybe once a day averagely (after upgrade to 11.0-RELEASE) my guests freeze with very high CPU usage 95%-105% (changing on real time on hypervisor). I can't even connect through console. I haven't still reported...
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    smbd high CPU utilization

    Hello, Before getting too deep into the post, please let me know if this seems like something I should file a bug report to address. My primary reason for posting in the forums first is to see if this is either a known issue, a configuration issue, or if others are seeing this issue as well...